Accused of stabbing a man to death was arrested six months after the incident.

Nepali Janta

Mahottari, July 9 – The accused, who fled after stabbing a man to death in Bardibas, has been arrested six months after the incident.

According to the Area Police Office, Bardibas, Shatrudhan Ray Yadav of Ramgopalpur Municipality-4 has been arrested for stabbing Ramdhari Chaudhary, a worker of Neha Food Industry at Bardibas-1.

Chaudhary, a permanent resident of Lalbandi-3 of Sarlahi, who was seriously injured in the stabbing, has recovered after a long treatment.

Police Inspector Balistar Singh said that the police investigation showed that Yadav had stabbed Chaudhary by a personal receiver. According to him, the arrested Yadav has been kept in custody and further investigation and action has been taken.

Published Date : 09 Jul 2021

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