CPN-UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli urged Vice Chairperson Bhim Rawal to withdraw his resignation

Nepali Janta

Kathmandu, July 19 – CPN-UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has urged Vice-Chairperson Bhim Rawal to withdraw his resignation. At a meeting of the Central Committee that began in Castle, Chairman Oli said that Rawal had hastily resigned.

“Why did you resign in a hurry?” To be consulted. If possible, withdraw your resignation, ”Oli said. After Oli reprimanded Madhav Nepal for urging him to preserve party unity, Rawal resigned from the post, said Oli.

“The Bhim Rawals reprimanded Deuba for not voting for him, for uniting the party. I do not follow the rules and decisions, but I will vote alone,” Oli said.

Chairman Oli said that Madhav Nepal did not accept the 10-point agreement. “We have agreed to a 10-point agreement. But Madhav Nepal did not agree ‘, he said.

Published Date : 19 Jul 2021

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