Covid hospitals in Jhapa are full of infected people

Nepali Janta

Jhapa, August 4 – While experts are warning that the third wave of corona is coming soon, Covid hospitals in Jhapa are full of infected people. Medical Superintendent of the Mechi Provincial Hospital, Bhadrapur, Dr. Tank Barakoti said that 60 infected people are being treated at the 75-bed covid treatment center.

Oxygen facility is available in only 60 beds of the hospital. All those beds are full. New patients in need of oxygen ‘support’ are being sent to other hospitals. He said that out of the five ICU wards, three were reserved for the treatment of covid patients and all the beds were full. In Jhapa, 74 patients are being treated at the B&C Hospital in Birtamod, which has been set aside for the treatment of 100 bed bugs.

According to Promis Giri, public relations officer of the hospital, the hospital has arranged a 32-bed ICU for Covid and all the beds are full of patients. “The patient’s pressure has increased exponentially,” Giri said. “If the patient’s pressure is increasing, we are ready to add more beds.” We will not allow the patient to return without treatment. ” Stating that the hospital is consuming 200 cylinders of oxygen daily, he said that the hospital itself is producing 50 cylinders of oxygen daily.

Giri said that the hospital has made arrangements for the treatment of covid in 25-bed NICU and 15-bed PICU children as the risk of covid infection in children has increased recently.

All the isolation wards, ICUs and ventilators set aside for Covid at Purnatung Birta City Hospital in Birtamod are full. Hospital administration chief Binod Basnet said that a 53-bed isolation, a nine-bed ventilator and a 12-bed ICU have been provided for covid treatment. “All the available beds, ICUs and ventilators are full of infected people,” said Basnet, head of administration at Birtacity.

He said that the hospital was full due to the increasing number of people coming for the treatment of Covid. The hospital has stated that the OPD service is currently closed giving priority to the treatment of the infected. He said that the maternity service could be shut down due to such pressure.

Until a week ago, 100 oxygen cylinders were used in 24 hours, but now 100 cylinders are being consumed daily, said Basnet. “Ambulances and city safaris are carrying patients,” he said.

Beldandi Covid Hospital in Damak is also full of infected people. The hospital run by Damak Municipality has 30 beds. A source, Devi Dangal, said that all the beds were full. According to the doctors, the infected people have started coming to the hospital only after they have fallen ill.

Published Date : 04 Aug 2021

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