A Himalayan Airlines flight flew to Dubai without taking passengers

Nepali Janta

Kathmandu, August 10 – Some passengers arrived at Tribhuvan Airport on Monday evening to fly to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on a Himalayan Airlines flight. When they arrived at the airport, they were not allowed to board the plane.

The passengers were confused for a while. Some became angry. When they could not board the ship at the last moment, they returned home.

The Himalayan Airlines flight took off for Dubai at 11:30 pm without taking any passengers. The ship left Kathmandu empty to bring passengers.

Passengers had to return from the airport as the UAE government failed to meet the criteria for entry into their country.

The UAE only allows entry into the country for those with a residence visa and employees. This requires an antigen test four hours before the flight time and a PCR test report 48 hours before.

There is no arrangement for antigen testing at Tribhuvan Airport. Airport chief Pratap Tiwari said the UAE embassy had informed him a week ago that antigens should be tested at the airport for those wishing to enter the country.

“They said the antigen test should be done 8-10 days ago. There is no space for antigen testing at our airport, “said Tiwari.” We are coordinating with the Ministry of Health on where to conduct antigen testing.

An airport source informed that the national flag carrier Nepal Airlines flew to Dubai empty on Monday night after failing to test the antigen of the passengers four hours ago.

Airport chief Tiwari said there were problems when airlines did not inform passengers about the criteria in the destination country in time.

Published Date : 10 Aug 2021

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