Nepal’s Everest measurement leader Gautam receives ‘Letter of Appreciation’ from Tourism Ministry

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The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has awarded ‘Letter of Appreciation’ to the Nepal’s historic Everest Measurement leader surveyor Khimlal Gautam. On the occasion of the 42nd World Tourism Day, Gautam has been once appreciated by the ministry.
The ‘Letter of Appreciation’ handed out by the ministry reads, ”On the auspicious occasion of the 42nd World Tourism Day 2021, this letter of appreciation has been awarded to Mr. Khimlal Gautam of Kaski, Nepal for his special contribution as a team leader in measuring height of Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) as 8848.86 meters.”
Gautam said he is immensely happy for the appreciation. ”I am very happy to receive such recognition for what I did as part of a civil servant and also as a Nepali citizen,” said Gautam speaking from Pokhara.
Nepal had initiated to measure the world’s highest peak on its own in 2019. One of the most challenging parts of the mammoth Everest measurement was summit observation. A team led by Gautam had made summit observation on 22 May 2019. They stood atop the tallest peak of the planet for almost two hours. Nepal, together with China, announced the elevated height of 8848.86 meters on 8 December 2020.
Even before Everest Measurement venture, Gautam had already scaled Mt. Everest in 2011 on behalf of Nepal’s first Civil Servants’ summit atop Everest. It was on 18 May 2011, he has stood atop Mt. Everest for the first time. Seven civil servants had scaled Everest for the first time in Nepal’s history that day.

Published Date : 29 Sep 2021

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