Police’s special publicity drive to make Holi festivel decent

Nepali Janta

Kathmandu, March 19 – Nepal Police has launched a special publicity campaign to sensitize the people on making the Holi, the festival of colours, civilized and an occasion to exchange best wishes among one another.

Metropolitan Police Range Kathmandu’s spokesperson Hobindra Bogati said the special campaign is run in the Kathmandu valley through every police unit in collaboration with the community since the last three days.

According to him, the police has been making the people aware through megaphone as well as conducting mobile patrolling and rally as part of the special campaign. This is being done jointly by police and the community under the Community-Police Partnership Programme.

He added that action will be taken against people if they are caught carrying out hooliganism and improper activities in the name of celebrating Holi.
This year, the Holi festival falls on March 20 in the hilly region including the Kathmandu valley and on March 21 in the Tarai Madhesh.

Holi is festival of colours in which people smear colours on the face of one another and throw coloured water at each other.

But the police say that of late various unruly and uncivilized activities like throwing water-filled balloons at pedestrians, throwing dirty water at people and smearing colours without their consent are also reported during Holi.

Police said this time they will set up check points at 107 places in Kathmandu alone to prevent untoward and unruly activities during Holi. Two thousand plain clothes police personnel will be mobilized in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

Published Date : 19 Mar 2019

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