Friday 3rd of April 2020

‘Chhaya Centre’ into dispute after local protest

Kathmandu, Feb 20- Chhaya Centre – a multi-faceted Mega Complex being operated in tourism hotspot Thamel – has come into dispute following protests from locals.

Centre proprietors accused that the locals have targeted to attack the multiplex building having investment of over Rs 5 billion from 30 entrepreneurs.

Maheswor Shrestha, managing director of the centre, said the locals have subjected the multifaceted business centre to assault reasoning the government agency should invest for big projects within Thamel area.
The complex which has been brought into operation as a prime shopping outlet for tourists has a star-level hotel along with three multiplex theatres.

It has well-appointed banquet hall, seminal hall, reception hall, restaurant, club, shops, branch offices of airlines and travel agency.

Entrepreneurs said the ill-efforts to discourage such commercial investment was serious when the government is making preparation to host Nepal Investment Summit in the capital. “A handful people with vested interests are trying to bring the centre into dispute”, Shrestha added.

It may be noted that the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) had approved the design of the Chhayadevi Complex up to its DPC in September 2012. In the same year, the KMC had permanently approved the design of the complex.

Likewise, the KMC had granted building construction completion certificate to Chhayadevi Complex on last October 25.

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