Geographical study of Gadahare cave for its development

Nepali Janta

Waling, Sept 16-A geographical study has been carried out for the development of Gadahare cave, which is under the shadow in lack of publicity. The cave is located at the bordering of Bhirkot municipality-8 and 9 of Syangja district.
A 12-member team under the leadership of Assistant Lecturer at Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Geology, Dr Kabiraj Poudel, at the initiation of the municipality carried out the study of inside and outside area of the cave. The team carried out the study of the cave for four days.
Geologist Dr Poudel claimed that probably the cave is the longest cave in the country. “Gadahare cave is very long and it is built inside a hard rock. The structure of the cave is very strong”, he shared.
Poudel added, “We can see a new type of waterfall after reaching around one kilometer inside the cave by passing through wide and narrow path.”
The team also measured the length and width of the cave. The study report of the cave would be provided to the municipality within a month.
The municipality has moved ahead making a master plan for the development of the cave and further activities would be forwarded along with additional plan based on the study report, said Chairperson of ward no 9, Bhim Bahadur Gurung.
He opined despite having immense potentialities in religious and tourism point of view, the cave is under the shadow in lack of publicity, adding that it should be developed as a centre of attraction of domestic and foreign tourists.

Published Date : 16 Sep 2021

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