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Kathmandu, August 1 – Singers have been facing various controversies in the Nepali music market lately. Many of them have been dragged into controversy because of their creations.

Durgesh Thapa is one of the artists who has been dragged into controversy due to his use of vulgar words in the song for the purpose of gaining cheap popularity and going viral.

Even more than Durgesh’s art journey, it has become a series of controversies.

Durgesh doesn’t have to look back in the field of music after the hit song ‘Hami Pani Nachnu Parchh Beech Beechma’ was released in 2076 BS. But even though his songs continue to be hits, the controversy has not left him behind. He has been established as the ‘Scandal King’ due to one controversy after another in a short period of time.

Durgesh is now involved in controversy again. He has been embroiled in controversy for using obscene language in his recently released song ‘Beach Beachma 4 – Khass Putali’. Singer Durgesh’s series of controversies are as follows:

Dispute 1

In the year 2076, Durgesh brought the song ‘Happy Tihar Chiso Beer’. But as soon as his song became public, it was dragged into controversy. A complaint was lodged against him at the Kathmandu District Administration Office alleging that the song had distorted the culture of the festival and incited him to consume banned cannabis. Due to which, the crime branch of the metropolitan police had even arrested him. He was immediately released on his YouTube channel, pledging to remove the song and issue a general apology, promising not to repeat the mistake in the coming days.

His Tihar songs used words like ‘Happy Tihar Happy Tihar Chiso Beer’, ‘Don Ayo Don, Ja Mula Bhan’, ‘Raja Ho Raja, Bajai Dimla Baja’, ‘A Nikal Ganja, Khanuparcha Aaj’.

Dispute 2

Durgesh was also dragged into controversy due to the promotional song of the film ‘Chakka Panja 3’. In a line of a promotional song made in Kai Thego, ‘Beach Beachma’, it was said, ‘This time (so-and-so) is something to be born. The lyricist of the song had accused Durgesh of adding offensive words in his words. The producer of the film, Deepak Raj Giri, had raised the issue.

Dispute 3

Durgesh had brought the first song ‘Beech Beechma 2’ targeting 2077 Teej. It was alleged that a line in the middle of the song was stolen from the old song of singers Prem Raj Mahat and Haridevi Koirala. Not only was Durgesh accused of using the gap of ‘clouds in the sky, what is in his mind ..’, Durgesh himself had admitted the accusation against him.

Dispute 4

Durgesh had also brought the song ‘Beech Beechma 3’ for Teej 2077. This song could not stay out of the controversy. The video for the song was controversial. In the video, she portrayed the male actor in a female outfit. He was accused of insulting women in the video. Many even dubbed the video ‘Gaijatre Geet’. Due to the video, Durgesh became a victim of trolls on social media.

Dispute 5

Durgesh was also involved in the controversy due to a television interview given to journalist Rishi Dhamala last year. He was widely criticized after he sang singer Bhaktaraj Acharya’s song ‘Mutu Jalirahech, Yo Man Galirhech’ by Swarsamrat Narayan Gopal. Singing this song, which is known even to those who have little knowledge of Nepali music, he even broke the rhythm.

In the same program, he also sang the famous song of Ram Krishna Dhakal as the song of Yama Baral. For the same reason, he was criticized for not having knowledge of Nepali music.

Dispute 6

He was dragged into a controversy after the dog was killed by Thapa’s car last Kartik. Singer Thapa’s vehicle (Ba 19 Cha 8937) had hit the dog while he was leaving the parking lot of Ardhana Complex at Bagbazar. A complaint was lodged against Thapa at the Metropolitan Police Circle, Singha Durbar. Locals Ramdar Gopali and Pritam Tandukar had lodged a complaint demanding action according to Nepali law.

Dispute 7

Durgesh is still in controversy. He is currently in controversy due to his new song ‘Beach Beachma 4 – Khass Putali’. The song is said to be against the spirit of Teej and an attack on art culture.

‘Beach Beach Mein 4’ was brought to the market a few days ago. The National Folk and Double Song Foundation has also objected to the song.

A few months ago, the foundation had requested not to use vulgar words in Teej’s song. The foundation is boycotting him, demanding action against him.

What does Lok Dohori Pratishthan say?

We are preparing to lodge a complaint: Chairman BG

Even before the song ‘Beach Beachma 4 – Khass Putali’ was released, the foundation knew about the words in the song. Therefore, the distortion and inconsistency reduction committee formed under the foundation had sent a letter to Durgesh to remove the objectionable words used in the song. Stating that ethics and honesty are more important in art than money and discussion, the foundation had asked Durgesh to remove words like ‘khass putali’. However, Durgesh did not remove the word and brought out the song.

As Durgesh ignored the repeated requests of the foundation, a meeting is being held at the foundation on Sunday to discuss the issue. The meeting will discuss possible action against Durgesh.

‘There will be rumors of bringing songs

Published Date : 01 Aug 2021

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