Nepal, which is on the ‘red list’, has not yet been removed from the UK’s dangerous list

Nepali Janta

United Kingdom, August 5 – Due to the spread of Delta variant (Indian variant) in India, the British government has maintained Nepal, which is on the dangerous list under the travel ban of the United Kingdom. The UK has revised the red list with effect from 4 am on Sunday, July 8, removing countries like India, Qatar, Bahrain and the UAE from the red list of travel bans, but keeping Nepal on the amber list.

Passengers on the ‘red list’ have to stay in the hotel designated by the government for ten days at their own expense. However, passengers entering the UK from Amber List will be able to stay in isolation at their own residence.

The hotel quarantine for passengers on the Red List has been increased from1,750 to 2,285 from August 12. The passenger has to pay the amount in advance. Adults over the age of 11 traveling together will have to pay 1,450 per person, up from 650 previously.

However, those aged 5 to 11 will have to pay 325, an amount already set. Due to poor financial condition, the hotel quarantine amount can be paid in 12-month installments.

Corona infection rates in the UK are rising, but travel bans have been eased.

Both doses of the vaccine have been provided to facilitate entry into the UK for travelers from countries including Europe and the United States. France, currently on the red list, has been moved to the green list. Passengers arriving in the UK, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland from France who have been vaccinated with both doses will no longer have to be quarantined from 4am on Sunday.

However, Mexico, which has thousands of Britons, is on the red list. Although Spain is on the amber list, passengers who have been vaccinated with both doses do not have to be quarantined in the UK.

Published Date : 05 Aug 2021

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