Two provincial capitals in Afghanistan have been captured by the Taliban in two days

Nepali Janta

Kathmandu, August 8 – The Taliban, an extremist group fighting the government in Afghanistan, has said it has taken control of the northern city of Sebarghan in Jazzan province.

A spokesman for Afghanistan’s defense ministry said government forces were still in the city and would soon regain control. It is the second provincial capital captured by the Taliban in the past two days. Earlier on Friday, the Taliban had captured the town of Zaranj in Nimroz province.

The Taliban took control of the governor’s office compound last Friday. However, the Taliban were defeated by the Afghan army. The head of the provincial council, Babur Eski, said Taliban fighters had now captured all the towns except the army base. The battle is still raging in the base camp.

The Taliban has recently been increasing its occupation of Afghanistan. According to the international media, clashes are also taking place in Kunduz and Laskar Gah. As the United States and other international forces began to withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban’s grip on Afghanistan began to grow.

The Taliban are now trying to seize key Afghan cities. Seberghan is a stronghold of former Afghan Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum. His supporters are leading the fight against the Taliban in the city.

According to local media, 150 people have now gone to the city to help the Afghan army.

Published Date : 08 Aug 2021

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