In Birgunj, four times more people died in the second wave than in the first

Nepali Janta

Birgunj, August 9 – Four times more people have died in the second hospital in Birgunj than in the first wave of corona infection. The first wave killed 86 people, while the second wave killed 343 people.

According to the District Administration Office, Parsa, 55 people from Parsa and 31 from other districts were killed in the first wave. In the second wave, 140 people from the district and 203 people from outside the district lost their lives.

In Birgunj, a person died of corona infection for the first time on June 11, 2008. Corona infection, which reached a high point in September 2077, was gradually declining. But since April 2077, the infection had started to increase again and it has been called the second wave. In the second wave, the infected person died in Parsa on March 12, 2008. Since then, 343 people have lost their lives in Birgunj.

In the second wave, there were more infected people coming to hospitals with complex problems. Some of them had to be given oxygen in high flow. According to Vinay Srivastava, administrative officer at the District Administration Office, Parsa, 429 people have died of corona infection at various hospitals in Birgunj so far. Patients from Bara, Rautahat and Sarlahi, including Parsa, used to come to the hospital in Birgunj for treatment.

In the second wave, 781 infected people were treated at Narayani Hospital. Of them, 184 died. Saroj Roshan Das explains.

‘In the second wave, most of the corona infected had respiratory problems, only to be brought to the hospital when it became very difficult. There was a need to give oxygen to the high flow. Despite our best efforts, we were able to save 184 lives. ”

Only four people are currently undergoing treatment at Narayani Hospital. Covid coordinator of Narayani Hospital, Dr. Uday Narayan Singh says that the new variant seen in the second wave is more infectious and has caused more human losses.

‘The second wave had a new variant of the virus, a severe infection. “The number of infected people has skyrocketed,” he said. Due to that, more infected people lost their lives. ’

Doctors say that even those with symptoms of corona infection in the village were found to have been injected with typhoid instead of coming to the hospital. Due to which his lungs were damaged and he could not be saved only after coming to the hospital. The lion explains.

In the first phase, 31,195 PCR tests showed corona infection in 3,184 people, while in the second phase, 14,493 PCR tests showed corona infection in 3,463 people.

In the first wave, PCR tests were also done on the suspects who did not have any symptoms through various campaigns.

Published Date : 09 Aug 2021

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