Shekhar Koirala seeks Paudel’s support to contest for NC president

Paudel replies he is also preparing to contest for the top post

Nepali Janta

Kathmandu, June 28- Nepali Congress (NC) leader Shekhar Koirala, who has said he will contest for the post of president, has met Senior Leader Ram Chandra Paudel on Monday.

Koirala reached Paudel’s residence in Boharatar in the morning to discuss the general convention scheduled for September. “The leaders discussed issues including the dispute about distribution of active membership among others,” Koirala’s personal secretary Dinesh Chandra Thapaliya told nepalijanta.

Party sources confided that the two leaders sought help from each other for the general convention. Both the leaders are preparing to contest for the top post but have yet to officially announce candidacy.

Koirala has been preparing for this general convention immediately after the last one and has repeatedly visited all the districts to consult party cadres.

Paudel, who had lost to Sher Bahadur Deuba in the last general convention, has also started meetings to focus on the general convention.

Koirala solicited Paudel’s support during the meeting, according to a source, but Paudel refused saying he will contest for the top post himself. “There is no way concrete agreement can be reached now. There is still time. Holding discussion with leaders and seeking support as the general convention approaches is normal,” the source added.

Koirala reportedly offered to help Paudel become prime minister after the next general election in return for help in the general convention. But Paudel reiterated that he himself is also preparing to contest for the top post and holding discussion with fellow leaders.

Published Date : 28 Jun 2021

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