If I succeed in cricket management, I will enter politics: Paras Khadka

Nepali Janta

Kathmandu, August 4 – Cricketer Paras Khadka has said that he can get involved in politics if given the right opportunity. But he says he will immediately focus on how to move Nepali cricket forward.

“If the right opportunity comes, I can also be in politics. “If there are opportunities in the coming days, why not?” He told a news conference in the capital on Wednesday.

He also said that he has resigned from international cricket due to delay. “It simply came to our notice then. Khadka said that he will always miss the atmosphere within the Nepali cricket team.

He said that he could give ideas to the officials including CAN on how to make cricket better in the coming days.

Giving information that the cricket academy will be launched soon, he also said that it will be taken all over Nepal.

Published Date : 04 Aug 2021

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