A total of 29 international flights / landings took place from Tribhuvan International Airport on Wednesday

Nepali Janta

Kathmandu, August 4 – A total of 29 international flights / landings are being made from Tribhuvan International Airport on Wednesday. This is the highest number of bans in Nepal since its inception, said Pratap Babu Tiwari, general manager of Tribhuvan International Airport.

A Sichuan Airlines flight will arrive in Kathmandu from Chhendu on Wednesday during a cargo flight. Jazira Airways will operate regular flights to Nepal from Kuwait. Himalayan Airlines operates flights to Doha, Qatar, Dammam, Saudi Arabia and Nanning, China. Of these two, cargo flights are about to take place in China.

Ethiopian Airlines has flown from Delhi to Kathmandu in the morning. The ship arrived here during a visit by a UN staff member. Qatar Airways and Fly Dubai are operating regular one-on-one flights.

Singapore Airlines will arrive in Kathmandu for cargo flights. A Nepal Airlines flight has arrived in Kathmandu from Malaysia today. Newanika’s three ships are flying to Delhi, Dubai and Doha. Korean Air is flying from Korea to Kathmandu. The Himalayan Airlines flight is scheduled to fly to Dubai, according to the airport office.

Published Date : 04 Aug 2021

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