Employees brought by the government will be given a 10-day visit from next August.

Nepali Janta

Kathmandu, July 27 – Employees brought by the government will be given a 10-day visit from next August. The 10-day staff visit announced by the government through the budget of the current Fiscal Year 2078/79 for the upliftment of the special Covid affected tourism sector will be implemented from August.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has stated that the necessary policies and directives have been prepared for this and now it is only a matter of implementation.

Despite the government’s policy to implement the program from the beginning of the fiscal year, the implementation has been delayed due to lack of preparation of necessary policies and procedures, said Narahari Ghimire, Chief of Tourism Promotion Branch of the Ministry of Tourism.

Stating that a draft of the entire working procedure related to staff leave has been prepared, Ghimire said that it will be implemented immediately after discussing with the concerned bodies and stakeholders.

Not being able to choose a home

According to the directive, the employees going on a work visit will not be able to choose the area of ​​their home and in-laws. The ministry is confident that such an arrangement will motivate the staff to spend in the field and help in the promotion of real tourism.

The directive states that the employees will be provided with work permit, visit approval and 10 days salary facility. However, the ministry has stated that the policy of leave will be included in the economic white paper to be presented by the finance minister.

At present, there are more than six lakh employees across the country, including corporations, establishments and civil servants.

Published Date : 27 Jul 2021

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